Using Archware is a Breeze. No need to rewrite or reformat your existing procedures. A unique Word application directly converts documents and procedures for immediate use. Coupled with a tablet and lanyard worn micro scanner, manufacturing and laboratory information is easily collected and verified for accuracy, instantly. Insuring step one is compliant before step two commences. Audits are now conducted seamlessly (and remotely if desired) from a single access point. Project management knows exactly how resources are being utilized. Quality Accelerated

1. Simply open your existing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (or other quality document) in MS Word.

2. Apply the Archware Tool Bar. The procedure is ready to accept your inputs. Your existing documents are not altered in any way. Keeping the integrity and control of your documents.

3. Execute the procedure with a lanyard worn scanner and a tablet.

4. Gathered information is immediately verified for compliance, before continuing to the next step. Upon completion, many procedures are 100% accurately preformed. Without the need for further review.